We bring intelligent solutions to healthcare problems.
We hear and We deliver.

Intelligent and Unbiased Technology

We offer smart solutions to digitize healthcare practice. Our products are based on the latest AI technologies and developments

Reliable and Compatible Applications

We provide applications on diverse platforms for prescriptions, patient referrals, medical implant detection, patients safe discharge and patients data management.

Collaborative and Compliant

We collaborate with healthcare providers to maximize patients experience while staying compliant. Delivering the product is not enough, we also adapt, support and maintain our offered products.

How It Works ?

Launch your campaign and benefit from our expertise on designing and managing conversion centered bootstrap4 html page.

Signup as a Provider

Simple Sign Up for the first time or Login to the app.

Checkout the applications on the platform

Select from our supported apps such as Pain Management, Discharge Disposition, Total Joint Inpatient Admission, Radiographic Implant Detection, Readmission Rate.

Search or add a Patient

We integrate your patient data to feed machine learning pipelines.

View recommendation

Our state of the art machine learning pipeline will surface actionable recommendation for the selected application